5.55pm today…beautiful…

8am today..give blessings for the clean fresh air you  breathe….


On Friday 9th September we held our last charity clairvoyant event for this year and it was another wonderful evening.

Our guest medium was Bill Rich from Shoeburyness, and despite feeling poorly he gave amazing evidence of life after life to many people, bringing upliftment, love and joy into their evening and lives.

We donated to a different charity from the previous fourteen events as it was in recognition and memory of Zoe and her baby Elsie, who sadly passed over in childbirth due to a vascular condition of the spleen.

The Circulation Foundation Charity received a total £273.25.

The total amount we donated to Tendring Specialist Stroke Services is £1,470.70.

Making a total of £1743.95.


Thank you so much for your love and support throughout the past fifteen months, we couldn’t have done it without you all.

It will be interesting to see if my spirit team guide me to organise more charity clairvoyant events next year, or maybe something different is on the horizon…time will tell…watch this space!

Sending you all much love.

Sandra Park 27/9/16.




Last Night..wonderful evening of evidence…

Mega thank you to everyone who attended last night’s charity clairvoyant event, many of you thanked me for a wonderful evening, thank you so much your kindness is greatly appreciated. It was an uplifting event which although had a few hiccups as the microphone decided to stop working and had to be replaced. Our guest medium Jodie Ruskin and her spirit team were not in any way disturbed by this and gave several people sincere messages of loving evidence of life after life from loved ones who have passed over. Thank you Jodie for shining your light with us all last night.
The charity events would not be possible without the physical, loving, and emotional support I receive from James who manages to keep me grounded, ha ha, not a task for the weak willed, and deal with the different issues that need attention in order for the evening to run smoothly. James shared his reading ‘As I Sit In Heaven’ with us all, heartfelt words beautifully expressed.Thank you my beloved.
Mega thank you to our dear friends Val and Pete for their support and love, bless you both.
Gratitude to Tom for his support during the evening. He has written a book which is for sale on Amazon, he has lent us his only copy, which we are eager to read.
We had only the one craft stall last night, which was Del with his Aloe Vera Forever Living Products, His stall is always packed to overflowing with a huge array of products and information on well being for us and our four legged friends, and he also does party plans which are proving popular.
And last but not at all least my deepest respect, gratitude, and love goes to my spirit team who patiently serve me on my journey as a medium and all that incurs.
Bless you all.
Know you are unique in being you, be happy with your choices.
Sending you all much love beautiful souls.
Sandra Park 14/5/16.


**spiritual message**


Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, and shared the spiritual message I was granted  yesterday..it was  claimed within minutes of my posting it..it is wonderful when the spiritual messages are recognised on the same day I am privileged to receive them..sometimes it takes many of you sharing my post in order to find the recipient and for your part in this process I am truly grateful to you all xx

Bless you.

Sending you much love.

Sandra Park 14/4/16.

As I sit in Heaven….