About Sandra

Sandra Park - International Spiritualist Medium

I feel both humbled and privileged to have the ability of serving you and the wonderful world of Spirit as a medium. I know there are many people who use the word gift instead of ability…for me the gift is in the joy and healing, and quite often closure that a recipient gains when their loved ones communicate through me to them.


I am the human equivalent of a telephone…a receiver between the two worlds.

I have always known there are other life forms around us, when as a child I always felt a strong but gentle presence with me. A presence that I came to realise was guiding, comforting and protecting me (as much as was allowed in order to maintain my free will) throughout an abusive and impoverished childhood. The presence I felt was my Spiritual Guides and Angels, who have been with me every single day.

Although my childhood was somewhat ‘difficult’ I do have happy memories shared with my darling Mother, God bless her, her love is eternal.

I know that both of my parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had at that time.

There is a school of thought that whilst we are without our human body, as soul/spirits  in the unconditional loving energy of  the world of spirit, we each choose our human family into which we next  incarnate. Thereby choosing our family for the experiences/lessons each member of it can bring us in order for our souls’ growth.

I have a quirky sense of humour and I am smiling whilst writing this as I reckon my soul/spirit should be very knowledgeable now due to  the complex myriad of situations I have experienced. 

In knowing I have unconditional love and respect from the spiritual and celestial realms I find both strength and solace in being who I am meant to be in this lifetime/incarnation…an ambassador for spirit.

The experiences I had in my youth have granted me great empathy when meeting children who are not acknowledged for their sensitivities, and awareness of the two worlds, and the many issues that can manifest through this knowing. These experiences also gave me a deeper understanding and knowledge of how to help both the children and their parents, as it was often the parents who contacted me in desperation for answers as to why their child was telling them about the conversation they recently had with their grandparent, or other loved one, who had passed over.

I spent 15 years as a holistic therapist, which granted me enormous pleasure in meeting so many lovely people who were seeking their truth, personal harmony, healing, and inner peace.

People from all walks of life and from around the world who were guided to me, seeking answers as to who they really are, what is my life’s purpose, how can I find joy within my life, have I had a life here before, and is there really life after death?

Endless questions which had a common denominator of finding the happiness unconditional love brings, and comfort in knowing there is life after life through receiving evidence from their departed loved ones.

My lovingly patient spirit team and I have served folk across many countries in successfully granting evidence of life after life by conducting services at Spiritualist churches; and clairvoyant meetings; 1-1 readings; home group sessions;  and initiating and conducting spiritual development circles; meditation groups; and awareness groups;  and trance circles where I am entranced by my guides and they share ancient knowledge and philosophy which is spoken with the voice of my spiritual guides.  On occasion I have been entranced in private consultations where evidence of eternal life was shared by loved ones who had passed over, ‘gone home’ to the Spirit world.

One of the many joys of serving you in my role as a medium is the extensive travelling I have been guided to do in order to give evidence of eternal life. I have met so many beautiful people in Amsterdam; Denmark; the Caribbean; Hong Kong; Iceland; New Zealand; Norway;  mainland Spain; Lanzarote; Tenerife;  the Canary Islands and throughout the United Kingdom, people who found peace and upliftment in hearing from their loved ones in the world of Spirit.

Inspirational words of guidance for everyone to read are channelled from my Spirit team and can be seen on the ‘blogs’ page on my website www.sandrapark.net

Blending as one with the loving energy of the Spirit Guides and Angels who patiently serve me, I serve with love and integrity to help people find their truth.

A truth that has transformed the lives of many.

On the 10th March 2012… I experienced a monumental life changing experience when without any warning I lost my sight in one eye.

The ophthalmic consultant told me “Your eye has had a ‘heart attack’.. you must be blessed because if it hadn’t had been your eye it would have been your brain or your heart and you wouldn’t be sitting here now…you will need extensive laser treatment and at least one surgical procedure and strict regular monitoring at hospital. You are bonus time. Live your life to the full.”

I have now had a surgical ophthalmic procedure in an attempt by the ophthalmic consultant to restore part of my sight…this wasn’t meant to be as my sight remains compromised. Bless him for his attempts..it must be tough telling a patient the operation wasn’t a success.

I have partial sight in my other eye and now must protect my sight at all times and wearing very dark prescription specs is paramount.

I am still learning what I am able to do with reduced vision…it has been, and still is a huge learning curve both for me, my family and friends.

I have now achieved about 90% of my confidence back…it is tricky putting a percentage measure on something as personal as confidence.. and on the 17th July 2015 I gave my first public clairvoyant demonstration since that life changing day.

I am eternally grateful to James, Alice, Kelly, and the Angelic
and Spiritual realms who have shown me unconditional love and support as I go forwards on my pathway of service as a medium between the two worlds.

2017…another health scare…

Another monumental life changing event happened to me on the 21st August 2017 when I experienced deep chest pains and was rushed into hospital, blue lights all the way, and after many tests and an Angiogram I was again rushed from the local hospital into the a thoracic and cardio hospital whereupon I had life saving surgery on the 31st August, the 6 hours long surgical procedure was successful, but on the 4th September I was again back into surgical theatre to have a cardio-version to regulate my heartbeat.

I never do things by half, hahaha.

I was discharged on the 6th September, as weak as a kitten, and still extremely tired after the second general anaesthetic.

It has taken me a long time to fully recover, and I am still having to be vigilant with what I do in order not to tire myself or experience atrial fibrillation.

I am eternally grateful to the NHS, the medical teams, the paramedics, and my spiritual guides, Angels, and my dear mother who although is in the world of spirit was with me throughout it all. 

Love changes everything.

Thank you for reading this short personal synopsis.

Know you are wonderful and I send you much love.