I’m hearing the name Leslie/Lesley being called out by a gentleman who has passed over to the world of spirit..I’m feeling that this is the very first communication this gent has made since passing over..he’s impressing me with a strong paternal energy and I’m being shown fairy ornaments around a room..a lady he wants to connect with likes and collects anything to do with fairies..it’s his daughter and her name begins with the letter L..it maybe she is the Leslie I heard being called out..this gent passed over the beginning of this year with a medical condition of the intestines/bowel..he’s making me aware he had enough of the hospital procedures and just wanted to be left in peace at home..sadly didn’t get his wish as he passed over in a hospital in Essex..but wants his daughter to know he’s alright and is astonished to find he can communicate in this manner through a medium..the names Val..Pete..Jeff..Jane..Tony and Keiron are relevant as are the months of January..February..and December for anniversaries and special memories kindly SHARE THIS POST…let us find the recipient of this **SPIRITUAL MESSAGE**

Thank you.

Bless you.

Sending you much love.

Sandra Park 26/10/16.

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