The name Jodie is being called out by a lady in the world of spirit..it’s the grandmother/nanna of Jodie..this lady is making me aware that she has made contact with her granddaughter before now..this isn’t her first contact..I am feeling great excitement with her..lots of emotions..she’s thrilled with the recent birth of her second great grandson and wants Jodie to know this..this lovely lady is telling me that this child has strong protection from the world of spirit as he is here to help this planet and the human race..along with certain other children whom he will meet up with when at the different schools he will attend..the names Liam..Lee..Kev..Pauline..and Carole are relevant as are the month’s of August..September and November for anniversaries and special memories.

Kindly SHARE THIS POST..let us find Jodie for her grandmother.

Thank you.

Bless you.

Sending you much love.

Sandra Park 27/10/16.

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